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Kids Ceiling Fans

Kids Ceiling Fans

Should you buy a cheap ceiling fan for your kid’s room?I don’t see why not. In fact, I have two kids and they have ceiling fans in each of their bedrooms. I have a ceiling fan in the baby’s room and the playroom, too.

I initially had just kids ceiling lights installed in their rooms, but someone suggested I get children’s ceiling fans with lights instead to provide both lighting and ventilation at the same time. My kids ended up loving the idea. My six year-old even said the movement of the ceiling fan helps lull her to sleep while my ten year-old said he can sleep better with the ceiling fan on than with the AC on.

Kids ceiling fans have a number of other benefits. They promote healthy air circulation. They are easy to clean. They are also out of the way, unlike floor fans, so kids don’t trip over them or get tempted to stick their fingers in between the blades.

Of course, they are real energy savers, too, using less than a hundred watts. If you’re someone who tries to save up on electric bills each month like me, having ceiling fans instead of keeping the AC turned on is very helpful.If you don’t have central air conditioning, buying a kids ceiling fan is also definitely more affordable than investing in one or buying additional AC units for your children’s rooms. Even if you do, ceiling fans help distribute the cool air faster, so they can still help you save energy and money.

Aside from being functional, ceiling fans are also excellent decorative pieces which can complement or accent the style of any room. Indeed, they are available in a wide variety of finishes and blade designs, some of which are very suitable for kids or even teens.

When choosing the style of kids ceiling fans, what is important that it is appropriate for your child. For your daughter’s room, the ceiling fan should have a feminine, princess-like design and for your son, something more sporty should do. The fan should be age-appropriate, as well, though there are some that boys and girls of all ages will love.

If you have a hard time choosing the design, you can always ask your child’s opinion, if he or she is old enough to give one, that is. This way, you won’t go wrong.

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Westinghouse Ceiling Fans

Westinghouse Ceiling Fans

Westinghouse Lighting is a family-owned American business. It was founded in 1946 with the mission of creating some of the best lighting and ceiling fans that can be found. Now, they are all of over the world. They have offices in Canada, Europe and Latin America. The company also has product development and other offices in China. It is a global brand with its roots in American hard work and there is no other company in the world that does what Westinghouse does. They manufacture light bulbs, fixtures, fans and more all at reasonable prices and with the customer in mind. Westinghouse ceiling fans are never a bad choice for a consumer looking for value and durability as well as beauty.

Our site is designed to reduce your stress and help you to make the right decision for your home and your life. You should not blindly choose a fan but know exactly what you are getting and be excited about it, as well. Your home is important to you and you shouldn’t settle for just any fan. It will be a fixture in your home for years to come and you deserve to love and enjoy it every day. Your design decisions matter but so does ensuring that your fan will work and keep your room cool. That is our job. To help you make the right choice for a long and happy life with your ceiling fan.

So, what are the pros of Westinghouse? There is a reason that Westinghouse has become such a trusted and respected brand worldwide. These ceiling fans are some of the most cutting edge and the most durable fans on the market in addition to looking great in your home or office. Whether you are in search of a small ceiling fan, a modern ceiling fan, an industrial ceiling fan, a ceiling fan with lights or an outdoor ceiling fan, Westinghouse carries something that you will love. Ceiling fans are not just an appliance but a piece of furniture. They can even be viewed as art or décor. They add more than just comfort to your space. They also offer design and style. Function meets fashion in Westinghouse ceiling fans.

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Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans: To A Beautiful and Breezy Home

Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans: To A Beautiful and Breezy Home

Are you always looking for ways on how to improve your home? Do you find yourself wanting to add a little beauty here and there? Well, a little home improvement never hurts. After all, home is where the heart is. Making your home as comfortable and as cozy as possible is important. We all want a nice place that we can go home to after a long and hard day at work.

There are lots of ways to home improvement. You can do major remodeling of your floor and walls, renovate the rooms, and replace your old furniture. Or you can do home improvement with something as simple as putting in new lighting, changing your curtain styles, and even installing a ceiling fan.As far as ceiling fans are concerned, if you want to get the good kind at affordable prices, then the Harbor Breeze ceiling fans is for you. Harbor Breeze offers a variety of fans for its customers — fans that combine design and purpose, fans with simple designs, and fans that can wow the onlooker. You can choose a ceiling fan from a variety of designs, to show your personality and boast of your lifestyle.

The traditional and simple designs of Harbor Breeze ceiling fans are usually done in white and brass finishes. Their prices range from $40 to $100. Models in this range include the Lakeside, the Calera, and the Cheshire. Ornate models, such as the New Orleans, also fall in this price range. You can get the unique and striking designs at a higher price — at over $100. The Bedford, the Belhaven, the Tiempo, the Knightsbridge, and the Soleil, which all have striking, artistic and modern designs, belong in this category.

Why choose Harbor Breeze? Harbor Breeze offer ceiling fans that come equipped with remote controls, uplights, and Energy Star labeling. What’s more, Harbor Breeze ceiling fans are generally affordable and inexpensive considering the good quality that they hold out.So what are you waiting for? Get started on your little home improvement. Make your home beautiful and breezy – with your Harbor Breeze ceiling fan.

Where Can You Buy Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans? We find that Amazon consistently has the best prices on Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans so we would recommend trying them first. 

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8th Christmas Tradition

8th Christmas Tradition
Hot Chocolate Yum!

This can be a great Christmas tradition and a tradition to keep carrying on throughout winter.

Hot Chocolate Bar

Who doesn’t love hot chocolate? Invite some friends and family over to share in the Christmas spirit. Hot chocolate tastes great by itself but lets make it even tastier.  What you will need are ingredients that you and your family love that will taste good with hot chocolate. Once you have selected your items it’s time to  get festive and arrange them in a creative and Christmas way.  (snowman bowls, Santa plate, etc.) While you are doing this preheat your water or milk. Don’t forget your mugs to pour it in to.  Now it’s time to call everyone in to make their own wonderful hot chocolate.  Step back and watch the fun everyone is having adding what they want.  Even the adults enjoy this a lot.

Here are some ideas to add to your Hot Chocolate

  • Chocolate pieces
  • whipped cream
  • caramel
  • peppermint
  • milk
  • cinnamon
  • sprinkles
  • marshmallows
  • any syrup flavorings

I’m sure you can come up with some more ideas. Have fun with this and experiment.


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Outdoor Ceiling Fans

Outdoor Ceiling Fans

Just because you retire to an enclosed patio or porch to enjoy the great outdoors during a balmy summer day doesn’t mean you will encounter the most comfortable environment. Enjoying the fresh air and bursts of greenery can sometimes become unbearable when humidity blankets your delight. However, to avoid this interruption of a beautiful day, an outdoor ceiling fan can become your best friend during the warmer months, easily delivering natural breezes with the scent of dew-kissed grass and fresh spring blooms. 

Outdoor ceiling fans (powerhousefan.com) are constructed differently from indoor fans because they require the ability to handle locations that become moist or damp. The standards associated with this type of fan are higher than an indoor fan, as these models undergo a series of demanding tests to make sure they are equipped to maintain their quality throughout wet conditions. 

As you scan the many different selections decorating the market of outdoor ceiling fans, you will come across a host of attractive potential. It is quite possible to enter a search for an addition to your enclosed outdoor space just to completely change directions with an unsuspecting model. Below are a few options to consider before approaching this type of home improvement project: 

Monte CarloMonte Carlo has gained a reputation for both indoor and outdoor ceiling fans, yet there is something about the impressive transformations in outdoor décor that this line is able to accomplish. For starters, let's consider the high performance of the 172 x 20mm torque-induction motor of the Esspresso White Finish (or Roman Bronze) Grand Isle model that offers a 13-degree blade pitch that delivers a high level of air circulation. Besides the limited lifetime warranty, you may also look forward to the convenient remote with reverse and down light feature, as well as the fascinating 3 x 40-watt candelabra light kit. 

If you wish to create a nautical scene in your patio, consider the inviting teak wood display of the Yachtsman, which is light kit adaptable. A heavy-duty 188 x 25mm torque-induction motor powers the 14-degree blade pitch known for impressive movement of air. Many consumers have enjoyed this selection due to the balanced motor and blades that eliminates the hassle of wobbling. The Roman Bronze and Brushed Steel finish are accompanied by rustproof stainless steel hardware. 

FanimationWhile you'll be looking at a price tag well over $500 for the Fanimation Escalade Ceiling Fan, it certainly doesn’t slack on uniqueness. While this oddly shaped ceiling fan strays from the traditional four to five outstretched blades, this selection is configured with 20" blades that resemble a round, overhead cooling fan similar to the kinds seen in kitchens. With three speeds and a light dimmer, a convenient handheld remote control joins wall control. 

Minka AireThe Oil Rubbed Bronze Minka Aire Gyro Outdoor Ceiling Fan can withstand the dampness of the outdoors, while efficiently moving air with the help of twin turbofans. A 100-watt halogen light fixture provides illumination that joins the dual adjustable cages that enhances the function and performance of this unit. A complete wall control and transmitter accompanies this particular model.

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